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Adopting as a Single Parent

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3 Ways to Prepare for the Adoption Process

Posted by on Jan 4, 2017 in Uncategorized |

If you want to move forward with adopting a child this year, here are three ways that you can prepare for the adoption process.  #1 Attend Pre-Adoption Counseling Before you even know who the child is that you are going to be adopting, you should start attending pre-adoption counseling. Pre-adoption counseling will help you prepare you emotionally for the extended adoption process. Adoption is not a short process; it can often be draw-out and long, and ultimately requires patience. Counseling can help you deal with the emotional side of the adoption process.  Additionally, you are going to want to prepare both mentally and emotionally for the challenge that come with a parenting an adopted child. Pre-adoption counseling can help you learn parenting strategies that will help smooth the adoption process.  If you have other children, you can also engage in pre-adoption counseling together to help your children with the adoption process. #2 Research the Costs Many people believe that adoption is a very costly matter. While it is true that some private adoptions and international adoptions can cost a lot, that is not true for all adoptions.  If cost is holding you back from continuing with the adoption process, you should look into adopting your child out of the foster care system in your state. You can sign up to foster children, or you can sing up and indicate your interest in only adopting a child. Adopting a child from foster care is not costly, and often times the state will provide you with financial assistance while you go through the adoption process.  #3 Set Up a Support System Finally, before you go further with the adoption process, make sure that you have a support system in place for yourself and your family. Adoption is not just about becoming a parent; it involves a lot of paperwork, interviews and preparation. You are going to need to have a support system in place. You are going to want to have friends and family in place who can offer you support. You are going to want to have a support group or counselor that you can talk with. You are going to need a family lawyer who can help represent your interest in the court system as you go through the adoption. Make sure that you have lots of support in place before you begin the adoption process, as it can often be long and drawn out.  Before you start the adoption process, make sure that you have a support system in place, attending counseling and support groups and research the cost and different means of obtaining an adoption. Learn more by contacting a licensed adoption...

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International Adoption: Adopting Your Child Out to Foreign Lands

Posted by on Aug 10, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Usually, when you hear about international adoptions, you are thinking about parents in the US are adopting children from another country. You probably do not think about other couples from foreign lands adopting children from the US. However, that is a viable option as international adoption is a two-way street. If you are in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy, but would prefer to place your baby into an international adoption for couples from other developed countries like Britain, France, Italy, etc., here are the steps you will need to take. Meet with an International Adoption Agency Meet with an international adoption agency and agent. The agent may want to know why you would want to send your baby out of the country rather than just adopt your child out to an American couple. You may have some very valid reasons, but it may be difficult for the agency to send an American-born child to another country. Quite often, the babies will end up in countries where there is an open and agreeable arrangement for adoptable children to travel to and fro. In any case, your child may still end up with a family inside the US, albeit several hundred miles away. Choosing Open or Closed Adoption If you choose an open adoption, then you can meet the parents from another country who want to adopt your child. Open adoption also means that your child could one day track you down in order to meet you and want to ask you questions. If the purpose of adopting your child out to foreign parents is to be as far removed from this unexpected and unplanned event in your life, open adoption may not be wholly ideal. On the other hand, if you choose a closed adoption, you will never know which country your child went to, nor will you ever meet the adoptive parents. Since there are so many couples in the US on a wait list for children, your child could still end up in the States and you would not know it. However, a closed adoption also means that you would probably never see or hear from that child again. It is a very difficult choice, given that you probably want to know for certain that you have placed your child with nice people, but you want to restrict any and all future contact for reasons only known to you.  Signing All of the Legal Documents There is a lot of legal documentation you will need to sign prior to your child leaving the country. You will need a passport for your child too, which can be made and ordered shortly after the baby is born as the passport will need the baby’s photo. Even if you do not travel with the baby to meet the adoptive parents and the baby travels with an agent or is picked up in the US by adoptive parents, your baby will need a passport. Once the adoption is legalized in the country where your child will reside, it becomes the adoptive parents’ responsibility to naturalize the...

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